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Most species you can buy online through our e-shop. Use our e-shop whenever you want to make an order, you will make ordering process faster and your order will be supplied earlier. Only few species can not be ordered through e-shop (for example cuttings and seeds from Flora of Australia) - those species you can order through this form.

Do you want to order seeds from Flora of Europe? Before you send us your request, try to use search option on the left side at our webpage bellow our logo and try to find it in our e-shop section. We are sorry, we are unable to send you individual quotations to everybody if there are prices in our e-shop. So just look on section Annuals, Perennials and Trees. You might find here many European species.

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Do you search for a certain species? Try search on the bellow the KPR logo. You will learn within few seconds if we have this species in our offer or not

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