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የKPR የዘርና አትክልት ባንክ

The Seeds and Plants Bank of the KPR (SAPB) is a complete list of species (database) of plants available in the cultivation or in seeds collections of the KPR. We are able to propagate and offer you for sale or exchange all species recorded in this database.

Many species recorded in this database are ready and available in our E-shop for immediate shipping!

In a Seeds and Plants Bank there are recorded all species we have in seeds or in cultivation. However, in our shop there are only most wanted species, while some less attractive species (plants of scientific value, weeds etc.) you can find only in the Seeds and Plants Bank.

If you are looking for anything, feel free to contact us and inform yourself about stock availability, prices, and terms of supplying.

In our current shop you won't find a lot of species where we doesn't estimate that they will be good seller (for example fewer attractive species of scientific value, weeds etc.). Therefore, there is a Seeds and plants bank where are all available species recorded.

አፍሪካ (ማላዊ, ደቡብ አፍሪካ)